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Specializing in Upscale Residential Developments Since 1996

At Premier Realty Group we concentrate our activities in two primary areas of Lake County, Illinois real estate: Marketing commercial properties, and development and marketing of the finest residential developments.

Premier Realty Group has established relationships with a portfolio of clients ranging from the corporate world to many of the long-time landowners of the region. Our philosophy has always been to provide a sincere, high quality service at a reasonable fee. We understand the importance of our relationships with many of the local village boards and staff, and we understand the concerns of the sellers while remaining sensitive to the issues and concerns of the area developers.

PRG’s unique ability to understand and appreciate these two vastly different sectors of the real estate marketplace has allowed us the opportunity to offer our clients the insight and perspective that is not often found within the real estate profession.

Premier Realty Group is affiliated with the below organizations and partners in the real estate construction industry:

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Jeff Ohm, Founder

Jeff Ohm, a seasoned real estate broker, is the visionary founder of Premier Realty Group (PRG) based in Vernon Hills, Illinois. With a rich professional journey that commenced in 1987, Jeff has dedicated over three decades to shaping the landscape of the real estate market in Lake County, Illinois, through his strategic leadership and deep-rooted expertise. Before embarking on his real estate voyage, Jeff carved his initial career path in the financial planning and accounting sectors, armed with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance. This foundation laid the groundwork for his nuanced understanding of real estate from both a financial and developmental perspective.

Prior to establishing PRG, Jeff Ohm honed his skills and knowledge as a partner in a mid-sized residential firm located in Libertyville, Illinois. His journey didn’t stop there; he further expanded his horizons by getting involved with a commercial real estate firm in Gurnee, Illinois. These experiences enriched Jeff’s understanding of the industry, enabling him to navigate both the residential and commercial real estate sectors with unparalleled expertise.

In the same year he became a licensed real estate agent, Jeff founded Premier Realty Group, a firm that would soon become synonymous with excellence and integrity in Lake County’s real estate circles. Under his leadership, PRG has specialized in marketing commercial properties and developing and marketing premier residential developments. The firm’s approach is meticulously designed to cater to a diverse portfolio of clients, ranging from corporate entities to long-standing regional landowners.

Jeff’s philosophy of offering sincere, high-quality service at a reasonable fee has been the cornerstone of PRG’s success. His commitment to fostering strong relationships with local village boards and staff demonstrates a deep understanding of the communal aspects of real estate development. Furthermore, Jeff’s sensitivity to the concerns of sellers, coupled with an awareness of the issues faced by area developers, has set PRG apart in the competitive real estate industry.

Jeff Ohm’s unique ability to bridge the gap between the commercial and residential sectors of real estate has provided his clients with insights and perspectives rare in the profession. His leadership has not only propelled Premier Realty Group to the forefront of Lake County’s real estate scene but also established a legacy of excellence, integrity, and unparalleled service that continues to benefit the community and clients alike.

Megan Garcilazo

Megan Garcilazo has been with Premier Realty Group for over 15 years. With a keen eye for market trends and commitment to personalized service, she strives to make the buying and selling process seamless. Along with new & preowned real estate, Megan also specializes in Interior Design, Property Management, & Real Estate Investing. Megan has a passion for real estate & is dedicated to helping clients turn their real estate dreams into reality.